We serve the Durham Region
including Whitby, Brooklin, Ajax and Pickering

Group Walks
We recommend your dog walk with us at least twice a week. As they become accustomed to a regular group, they adjust better to the routine and run and play more. We are careful to make sure that all dogs in a group are compatible. Temperament and energy level are more important than size or breed. No aggressive dogs are permitted in these groups.

Your dog is picked up at your home in a specially equipped vehicle, and returned home, tired and happy. Plenty of fresh water and healthy, home-made treats are provided. During wet or snowy weather, dogs are toweled dry on their return.

Group outings are a minimum of one hour (this is time at the park, not in the car). Dogs will be running and playing in the designated off-leash area of a local park or conservation area. Locations are varied frequently for variety. Dogs are carefully supervised at all times.

Group walk: $15 (gst inc.)

Puppy Visits
If you have a puppy that needs a break or two during the day while you're at work, but isn't quite ready for group walks with the big boys, puppy visits are the perfect alternative. We come to your home and take your puppy out (on-leash) for some fresh air and exercise, and to do his business. At your request, we also dish out any needed mid-day feedings, and always top up the bowl with fresh water. There is also plenty of cuddling and TLC administered!

Puppy visit: $15 for one, $25 for twice daily (gst inc.)

Private walks
Generally, if your dog is a non-aggressive, active animal a group walk is perfect. Group walks promote socialization and encourage play. However, if you have doubts about his or her behavior with other dogs or your dog has medical problems, it may be best to opt for a solo walk. The Charge for solo walks is slightly higher, of course, but if you are unsure we will be happy to provide a trial solo walk to determine your pet’s temperament and suitability in the group atmosphere.

Private walk: $20 (gst inc.)